Introducing the world’s most accurate, complete and truly useful Personality Analysis Tool !

Restoring harmony

“The Harmony Report” pinpoints every aspect of personal “discord”, allowing a quick overview of one’s internal world.  Once the areas of discord are clearly seen, you can focus on gently transforming these personality aspects to a harmonious state, resulting in increased happiness, health, vitality, contentment and above all “Peace of Mind”…More

Marriage repair

When harmony is absent, loving relationships become cold and disconnected. “The Harmony Report” will show you the exact areas of disconnect, and facilitates a more complete mutual understanding of each other. It can be also used for “Compatibility Testing” …More

Parent / Teen crisis

When we become disconnected from our teens, they respond with anger and isolation. If left unresolved, these disconnects can become permanent. “The Harmony Report” allows you to rectify the relationships between parents and teens, so the teen can return from the dark path of bitterness and resentment.…More

Treating addiction

The discordant state of feeling oneself as incomplete drives the dark engine of all addiction. “The Harmony Report” identifies the roots of these deep-seating feelings of incompleteness, and allows one to step back onto the path of harmony such that addictive cravings no longer appear out of nowhere. You become, once again, the master of your own ship.

Core features of

The Harmony Report

We are complicated individuals, and each of us are complex blends of personality tendencies.  These character traits are common throughout everyone, in all cultures, and remain fairly stable throughout one’s adult life.  The traits themselves are shared by all, but it’s the “degree” and “direction” of how the trait manifests that make every person a unique blend of emotional tendencies and preferences.  This “degree” and “direction” are referred to as “Dimensions of Personality” and everyone has a unique blend.  The Harmony Report will show you your EXACT blend, and tell you where aspects of your personality are adaptive (leading to Harmony and Happiness) and when they can be maladaptive (leading to Discord and Despair).
  • The Harmony Report can show you the root causes of your unhappiness and discontent. Misery and despair can be rectified if you simply have the correct tools.

  • Would you like to see the areas you can immediately address that will dramatically increase your Overall Life Excellence (happiness)?

  • Even if you are emotionally happy and healthy NOW, would you like to “look into the future” and see the areas of your personality blend might one day become maladaptive?


Confused about your spouse’s or your teen’s behavior ?  Brush the confusion aside and SEE the way their mind REALLY works.  Once you have a deep understanding into the nature of another’s personality, rectifying problems that currently seem unsolvable or mysterious suddenly becomes possible.  To solve any problem in life, you first have to UNDERSTAND the problem, and The Harmony Report allows you to have an amazingly keen insight into the other person’s inner world of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. 
  • When comparing your report with the other person’s report (spouse, teen, fiancee) you can immediately spot the areas of discord, which facilitates your desire to get the replationship back onto a healthier path.

  • Are you considering marriage or some form of long-term committment?  Would you like to see what the long-term results might be (in advance) in case some aspect of your personalities become maladaptive and discordant?

  • Are you really compatible for marriage?  The Harmony Report will tell you your chances of long-term marital success.


Are you a coach? …a therapist? …a counselor?  “The Harmony Report” may become THE essential tool in your toolkit.  What if there was a questionnaire you could give to your clients and patients such that:
  • You can instantly know their personalities, in such incredible detail, that it would be like being best friends with them for 10 years.

  • You can immediately know all the sources of conflict for marriages in crisis. (and how to rectify the conflicts…)

  • You can know the source of their thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as their preferences and tendencies.

  • You can bypass countless hours of “getting to know them”, and truly KNOW WHAT MAKES THEM TICK right now.

  • You will know the deepest roots of their unhappiness, such that you can immediately begin to strip the problems away. 

  • You can know your client’s internal world and character structure such that you can immediately pull them out of the morass of addictive behavior.


Fairy Tale Romances?

Everyone want to feel important, honored and respected. We all want to be with someone who really REALLY understands us and has the mindset of “I get it …” and “Let me help…” and “Let me lift you up …”. We all want to be deeply understood, and in that understanding we are are bonded so completely that our happiness feels utterly “complete”. We all want to be with someone whose face says “I like you”. When you both take “The Harmony Report” questionnaire, you will know in advance what the odds are for “living happily ever after”.

Can “love” be broken down programatically into a series of “1’s” and “0’s” ?  … No, of course not.  But it CAN be “analyzed”, especially for the purpose of seeing what might be getting in the way of Mutual Happiness, Mutual Understanding, and Lasting Happiness.  We all want to feel the deep connection of “True Love” which results in Fulfillment, Meaning, Purpose, Happiness, Contentment, and lasting Peace of Mind.  For the most part, this is never felt unless you are with a soul mate, but we have found time and time again that “Soul Mates” are not found… they are CREATED.  Just try the free version of The Harmony Report and you’ll see the possibilities that lie before you …. True Love has never been closer to being a part of YOUR personal reality.

We are a group of Personality Analysts with over 35 years of experience in Western Psychology and Eastern Psychology and we seen the truth of living “Happily Ever After”.  Our most powerful concepts were revealed when Eastern and Western traditions showed the same truths.  These convergences are found in the wisdom contained within each and every Harmony Report, and will be useful no matter what discord you are now experiencing whether it be marital, parenting, anxiety, depression, addiction, etc …Click here to try it free.