Validated Methods


Uses validated analytical methods of traditional DISC and Big 5 personality assessment, but takes the concepts to unprecedented levels of detail, accuracy and usefulness.

Free Report!

We offer a FREE test and give you a VERY detailed report of your personality.  If you think it’s accurate, then simply purchase the “long version” which will tell you of all the emotional landmines that you might be susceptible to experiencing long-term.  Once you know the danger signs, you can instead steer your life down the path of Harmony and Lasting Happiness.

Accurate for Everyone


Analysis is based on research which clearly demonstrates that the categories of personality measured are the same no matter the culture or country…these measurements are “universal”.

Predict Relationship Success

The personality traits measured remain stable throughout one’s entire life and are thus predictors of long-term relationship success. Will your relationship become “True Love” in which you have a likelihood to live “Happily Ever After” ?

Looks Directly Into Your Mind


Finds the root causes of personal discord (singles as well as couples) and points you back onto the path of harmony and lasting happiness.  

Incredibly Detailed

Instead of traditional (and short) reports on your personality, you receive an exceedingly detailed dissection of every facet of your YOU which pinpoints areas that might even be (or become) maladaptive (Personality Disorders). One of our mottos: “Forewarned is Forearmed”.

Compatibility Testing

Enables couples to see just how compatible they might be for the long-term (will you live happily ever after?)

Parent/Teen Crisis

Enables parents and teens in crisis to find areas of disconnection, and turn those relatinships back into loving and understanding connections.

Complete ‘Peace of Mind’

Pinpoints your areas of personal discord, and shows how a path of “harmony” can lead to complete Peace of Mind, Contentment, Fulfillment, Meaning and Purpose.

Marriage Repair

Enables couples to build, rebuild, or repair “The 4 Connections” (Bonds): Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual.

Recovery from Addiction

Identifies the root causes of an individual’s addictive behavior, and point one down the path of lasting recovery that is free from addictive urges and tendencies.

One-of-a-Kind Features

Take the test as “yourself as you KNOW you are” and at no extra cost take the test as “the YOU” that you are compelled to be at work or at school.  When you see the comparison, you will see the stresses involved in having to be “other than” your AUTHENTIC Self.