Who we are & what we do

We are a group of personality analysts, each of whom has been studying the complex world of human thought, feeling, and emotions for decades.  Our group contains specialists in Western Psychology as well as Eastern Psychology and Eastern Spiritual Traditions.  Our combined knowledge has enabled us to create an online personality questionairre that results in unprecedented accuracy and usefulness.

We have examined thousands of “personality tests” and found them all lacking in “True Usefulness”, and so created our own … “The Harmony Report”.  It can be used by individuals who want to really know themselves, or by couples who what to deeply understand each other, or by coaches/therapists/counselors who wish to quickly and accurately know the deepest aspects of their client’s personality.

Don’t take our word on ANYTHING.  Simple take the free test yourself and receive an amazingly detailed report on YOUR personality (The Harmony Report), or that of “you and your significant other” or “you and your teen”.  Seeing is believing …  Find the root causes of discord, and step back onto the path of Harmony which results in increased happiness, increased Overall Life Excellence, peace of mind, serenity, tranquility, connection and contentment.  The path to Harmony now lies before you …



To provide an exceedingly accurate and inexpensive tool (“The Harmony Report” for singles, couples, and parents) which will identify the many qualities of their complex and unique personality (including Tendencies, Habits, Feelings, and Emotions) and pinpoints any areas that might be “maladaptive” or “incompatible with partner, spouse or teen”.  These maladaptive tendencies are the root cause of conflict within oneself or between ‘self and others’ and results in varying degrees of “Emotional Discontent” … unhappiness, misery and despair.  Once these maladaptive personality characteristics are stripped away (using the suggestions found within each “Harmony Report”) your Innate Happiness (your naturally happy state that is simply covered by unpleasant, unwelcome and unwanted thoughts-feelings-emotions) can shine forth unimpeded.


  • Enable individuals to “Know Thyself”.

  • Enable couples to quickly and deeply “Know Each Other”.

  • Enable Coaches, Therapists and Counselors to quickly “Know the Client”.

  • Provide predictors of potentially maladaptive personality characteristics.

  • Give couples a likelihood of long-term relationship sucess.

  • Provide insight into addictive behaviors to facilitate rapid and effective treatment.



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